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Who We Are


Muintir Mhuire was set up on  1st Oct 2003 in Monacraigh Cottage, Ladysbridge, Co. Cork, a house on  temporary loan by another charity.It began totally dependent on Divine  Providence, with httle funds assets or materials, but with great trust  in a loving God who knows all our needs. It was set up by Fr. Donal 0'  Callaghan, who has been working as a priest for the last 30 years, and  been led by the Holy Spirit to the assistance of many young people.

These are his words:
"During all these years I had  met many young people who at the time of decision in their lives, found  themselves under a lot of pressure, people who were badly in need of a  place to take time out to be able to look at all the options available  to them. A place where they could begin to appreciate all their  blessings and come to know the immense love that God has for them.".
"Over many years this  realisation of a need for such a place became a desire to do something  about it and the desire grew stronger"
So it was after much thought,  prayer, fasting and discussion with family and friends a group came  together with Fr. Donal and set about the formation of Muintir Mhuire  with the support of his bishop. Bishop John Magee, Bishop of Cloyne  appointed Fr. Donal Spiritual Director to Muintir Mhuire and freed him  from other pastoral duties so that he could devote himself full time to  organising Muintir Mhuire.

Community Members

The  most important asset of the community is its members. The community was  set up to provide a place to take Time Out and each member benefits  from this. The person and his/her needs come first, they come before the  organisation, or the group as a whole.Member's put the other's need  before their own forgetting about their own struggles and issues while  at the same time accepting their own Cross and limitations. This way we  leam and grow in acceptance, love, forgiveness and peace with each  other. To date there has been over 40 members and many others who have  benefited and now compliment and support the community.


Muintir  Mhuire was formed on October 1st. 2003 when a small group led by Fr.  Donal O'Callaghan came together at Monacraigh Cottage, Ladysbridge. Co.  Cork.
It consists of the following:
Limited company named "Muintir Mhuire Toeranta" company no. 371478.
Board of Directors:
Sr. Theresa Breen , chairperson.
Sr. Elizabeth Sheehan.
Mrs.Miriam Maher.
Mrs. Joan Doyle.
Mr. John Buckley.
Mr. John Dennehy.
Mr. Tim Meehan.
Mrs. Mary Wilkinson.

Registered Charity with Tax exemption, Charitable Status no. CHY 15432.
Under the Patronage of Most Rev, Dr John Magee.
Spiritual Director , Fr Donal O'Callaghan.
Supported by  "Cairde Muintir Mhuire" a group of supporters and benefactors set up for  the assistance and development of Muintir Mhuire.


I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, and I in him will bear much fruit.
(John 15:5-6,2:)

Member of Community
“For a long time  before I joined the community I had a lack of enthusiasm and hope for  life, I ended up giving up my job and had even given up wanting to put  in an effort to live life.  The reason for this was because I perceived  things to be true in relation to dealing with people that were not true  and nothing I had tried prior to then to end this suffering had worked.   The main problems were what I thought people were saying about me, how  was I coming across to people and a self-consciousness that resulted in  me withdrawing from interacting with people.  After going through this  for a long time I ended up having a carefree attitude by not caring  about myself or anyone else and feeling depression, anxiety and despair.


Then one day when I was in Medjugorje I was introduced by a lady to Muintir Mhuire.

I met and talked  with the spiritual director and a member of the community.  I felt what  they had to say was very encouraging, hopeful and that the issues I was  dealing with would be healed with enough time and prayer.  I brought  home and read some of the literature and gave it some thought for a  while because joining the community meant leaving home and moving to  Cork.  Then eventually I decided I would give it a try and join up for  six months or more.Since then I can say in all honesty that many parts  of my life have been greatly improved.  Not only do I not suffer anymore  from all the problems which I mentioned above, other aspects of my  life, which I never intended or even considered needed improving have  been greatly developed.  Abilities such as managerial and leadership  skills, problem solving, being available for people when they need to  talk, giving encouragement and being able to identify and help others  who have similar difficulties that I had.  These are abilities I didn’t  know I had.  Some of the most valuable things I’ve learned about  Christian Community Living is that  being preoccupied with the needs of others; I take the emphasis off  myself, I stop focusing on what I can’t do or don’t have and start  appreciating and being grateful for all I can do and the gifts God has  given me.

I would like to  finish by saying that I am confident that I would not be where I am now  without all the prayer, support and friendship that I experienced while  being a member of Muintir Mhuire.  I will always be grateful to all who  were involved in the community while I was a member and I strongly  believe that it is making a very valuable contribution to the lives of  other people and the life of the Church in Ireland and hopefully in  time, many other places as well.”
Christian Community Experience for Young People
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