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What We Do


The main emphasis of our  community is to provide a place of  "Time out". It has been our  experience that a balance between the Spiritual, Mental and Physical  sides of life enhances the development of the individual.

It is important to  note that during the 16 centuries of Christianity in Ireland before us,  people lived a practical and prayerful life. In this contemplative mode  Christian communities and settlements became centres for learning,  schools of holiness, storehouses for books and knowledge, and excellent  producers of craft, music and art. It was from these communities that  villages and towns developed giving us the society that we are now  emerging from.
Existing Derilict Farmhouse
Today the pace of  life has changed. We have become a fast growing economy. We have changed  from The Island of Saints and Scholars to the Celtic Tiger. Many have  become so caught up in the material side of their existence that they  have failed to develop the spiritual side of their lives. They have lost  the creative use of their mind and the physical willingness and ability  to be productive in the areas of art, craft and basic social and  survival skills.  In all our towns and villages and even in rural areas  many now live in isolation, whereas in the past everyone knew their  neighbours  and had an interest in their well-being. Our homes too have  been invaded by all kinds of modern means of communication. This in  itself is good but at times when there is not a proper balance, it can  result in isolation and loneliness even for people within their own  homes.

The Muintir Mhuire  Community strives to bring about a more integrated approach to life,  where all good and new advances, those in technology and science, in  media and communications are fully appreciated and put to good use,  while at the same time reviving some of the above mentioned treasures of  our ancestors. These treasures revolve around the idea of Muintireas  where everyone cares and together Pray, Study and Work for the good of  each other.


Our prayer  program explores the richness of the Catholic tradition. We are  convinced that in order to find true happiness we must be in contact  with the One who created us. We are also convinced that the God who  created us is the Father of Jesus Christ and that He has revealed  everything to us in Him. It follows that the high point of our prayer is  the celebration of Holy Mass.
As our name clearly shows we  are a Marian Community. This too comes from the Irish tradition of  seeing Mary as the one who leads us to her son and who in every age has  shown her concern for us, her children.

Each day we pray the Rosary,  celebrate Holy Mass, and spend time in Adoration. We also pray Morning  and Evening prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.
Holy Mass is the central part of our prayer.
We always prepare for the celebration of Holy Mass by praying one part of the Rosary.
After each Holy Mass we kneel and pray the Creed and the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father, seven times.

We do this because we  see the need to prepare ourselves by having a time of quiet reflective  prayer before Holy Mass begins, and the need to spend time in  thanksgiving after Holy Mass ends.


It is encouraged that each  member of the community give at least two hours devoted to study each  day. Our study is intended to give the members of the community the  opportunity to increase their knowledge of Holy Scripture and Church  teaching and also to give them the opportunity to get to know the lives  of the saints and their writings.
Study items include:
  • Introduction to the Scriptures.
  • New Catechism of the Catholic Church.    
  • Church Documents.
  • Vatican II Documents.
  • History of the Church.
  • Theology.
  • Writings of the Saints.

Craft Work

It is an integral part of  Muintir Mhuire that one undertakes physical work as part of our focus on  self sufficiency. There is no truer sense of achievement or  satisfaction, than that from working with our hands. We aim for  excellence in all that we do in this way giving glory and thanksgiving  to God for the great graces He has bestowed upon us. Each Member  contributes as per their individual Talents.
Our Craft Centre will be developed over time using local raw materials to produce fine works in:

  • Pottery.
  • Weaving.
  • Basket Making.
  • Woodwork.
  • Metalwork.
Arts and crafts studio.
Some of the finest  clay in ireland is found in East Cork also there is existing Willow  plants growing along the hedgerows of our property. In time these will  be harvested in order to supply our craft studios.

Skilled Work

It is our  aim as the project develops that people will have a wide choice of  work. Traditionally there was a Blacksmith working on the farm producing  farm implements, hinges, horse shoes and many more metal objects. The  remains of an old forge are still standing. We plan to restore this  forge and return to the traditional way of working with metal. We also  plan to revive some of the other traditional rural crafts.
  • Metalwork shop.
  • Woodwork shop , to include carving, wood turning.
  • Horticulture and Organic gardens.
Offering a  meaningful, balanced working life for everyone, is our endeavor. Each  person's contribution is important and varies according to their  individual talents. Through ones work everyone can gain dignity and  develop self-worth. It is our plan that we will become self-sufficient  through our organic crop produce, our craft works and our recycling  centre.
To the west area of  our site we have over 3 acres of arable land. It is here that we plan  to position our organic farm. We also have a separate farm entrance to  the rear of the hermitages leading to:
  • Polly Tunnels.
  • Rotated system of crop growing.
  • Growing area for fresh flowers.
  • Herb and spice gardens.
  • Farm.








Our plan is to have hens,  ducks, geese, pigs, cows. All of these will enable us to be self  sufficient. There are many products that can be obtained from having  just one or two cows.

Ice cream.
Christian Community Experience for Young People
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