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Muintir Mhuire Christian Community Experience For Young People

Today’s Reality  

In today’s world many of our youth those like Kevin, Alison, Bill and Jason are faced with difficult decisions, be it their role in life, to be married or single, choice of vocation or religious life or in their choice of study or work. Sometimes young people can lack confidence in themselves. Pressure to be successful, to be as good as their peers, to live up to their parents expectations, can result in nervousness, stress, anxiety or depression. In the search to find acceptance, friendship, encouragement and love in their lives some make immoral choices. Some of these being promiscuity, alcohol, drugs, new age Religions, the occult and many more that lead to severe disappointment. Sadly as a result of these there are too many unforeseen incidents arising, resulting in unhappiness, loneliness, despair, and sometimes even suicide.

If you are in the 18 to 30+ age group and thinking about taking time out you could phone us now at 00353 86 2571445.

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