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Christian Community Experience For Young People

The only nursing home in the Parish of Medjugorje for the local elderly poor was built at Vionica, one of the five villages that make up the parish of Medjugorje. This is a very fine home for the elderly built by the St. Joseph charity founded by the late Arthur Mc Cluskey (from Co. Laois). This home was built to care for the surviving grandparents of orphans in the nearby orphanage founded by the late Sr. Josepha for the children she found abandoned in a train carriage near the end of the recent war. It is another of the outstanding fruits of Medjugorje and deserves support from the Irish Pilgrims.

We are amazed when we meet so many generous pilgrims, sev­eral of them Irish, who bring financial and material aid to Medjugorje and who are unaware of the existence of this home for the elderly poor. Unlike other nursing homes this home cares for many patients who are bedridden and they do not need to be able to walk in and they will be kept till they die. There is nothing big or elaborate about it but it is spotless and cares in a wonderful and loving way for all its 28 patients. We have begun to bring some much needed medical supplies there.


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The Vionica home for the elderly