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Christian Community Experience For Young People

Skilled Work

It is our aim as the project develops that people will have a wide choice of work. Traditionally there was a Blacksmith working on the farm producing farm implements, hinges, horse shoes and many more metal objects. The remains of an old forge are still standing. We plan to restore this forge and return to the traditional way of working with metal. We also plan to revive some of the other traditional rural crafts.

Metalwork shop.

Woodwork shop , to include carving, wood turning.

Horticulture and Organic gardens.

Offering a meaningful, balanced working life for everyone, is our endeavor. Each person's contribution is important and varies according to their individual talents. Through ones work everyone can gain dignity and develop self-worth. It is our plan that we will become self-sufficient through our organic crop produce, our craft works and our recycling centre.

To the west area of our site we have over 3 acres of arable land. It is here that we plan to position our organic farm. We also have a separate farm entrance to the rear of the hermitages leading to:

Polly Tunnels.

Rotated system of crop growing.

Growing area for fresh flowers.

Herb and spice gardens.


Our plan is to have hens, ducks, geese, pigs, cows. All of these will enable us to be self sufficient. There are many products that can be obtained from having just one or two cows.






Ice cream.

What We Do