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Muintir Mhuire Christian Community Experience For Young People


Our prayer program explores the richness of the Catholic tradition. We are convinced that in order to find true happiness we must be in contact with the One who created us. We are also convinced that the God who created us is the Father of Jesus Christ and that He has revealed everything to us in Him. It follows that the high point of our prayer is the celebration of Holy Mass.

As our name clearly shows we are a Marian Community. This too comes from the Irish tradition of seeing Mary as the one who leads us to her son and who in every age has shown her concern for us, her children.

Each day we pray the Rosary, celebrate Holy Mass, and spend time in Adoration. We also pray Morning and Evening prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.

Holy Mass is the central part of our prayer.

We always prepare for the celebration of Holy Mass by praying one part of the Rosary.

After each Holy Mass we kneel and pray the Creed and the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father, seven times.

     We do this because we see the need to prepare ourselves by having a time of quiet reflective prayer before Holy Mass begins, and the need to spend time in thanksgiving after Holy Mass ends.

What We Do