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Christian Community Experience For Young People

Mario and his 14k round trip

 On receipt of an electric wheelchair Mario thanked the Irish ben­efactors and Our Lady for the donation of the chair. Mario, a refugee from Sarajevo, had for seven years great difficulty walking because of problems with his knees and had not gone beyond his neighbour’s house. On receipt of the chair Mario was so happy to be mobile, he wanted to see how far the chair would take him. Having Travelling 7km (to Medjugorje) with his grandson on a bike and carrying a mo­bile phone in case of an emergency he eventually arrived near his cousin’s home with a flat battery.

 “Now I know how far I can go”, Mario said to his cousin who was astonished to see him. He then charged the battery and headed home. Mario went to the shop for the first time in years, called to his friend’s house, and was often seen around on his new chair.

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