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Christian Community Experience For Young People

2010 " two ambulances sent to the home of the elderly and disabled in Stolac Bosnia".

Disability/Retirement Home in Stolac, Bosnia

The Minister for Health in Bosnia visited us in Medjugorje near the end of 2009 and requested help with supplies for a new home for the elderly and disabled in Stolac. The new centre is designed to cater for 260 patients and they had only enough beds and equipment for

60. They requested: an emergency ambulance, a wheelchair accessible minibus, hospital beds, furniture, wheelchairs, walking aids, crutches bandages, lockers, fridges and any kind of physiotherapy equipment.

The Home in Stolac is situated in an area that suffered greatly at the end of the Second World War and again in the recent War. It cares for young and old who have disabilities. We sourced what we could for them. Frank Terry, Keith Sheehan, Godfrey Carpenter and Jerry O’Sullivan and community members gathered an amazing se­lection of very useful items.

The Health Authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina sent us a forty foot truck in 2010 and we got two Ambulances on board. The ambu­lances were filled to capacity and every available space around them was filled as well. Difficult as this can be at times the joy comes when the load reaches its final destination.

Of all our projects in Bosnia the one in Stolac stands out. When we arrived after our second donation there we were given a great re­ception It was Breda’s last visit to Bosnia and a final opportunity for her to see the fruits of her work and while none of us knew that, the locals gave us a great reception.

With gratitude to God in our hearts for giving us the opportunity to serve our needy brothers and sisters we marvel at the enormous generosity and kindness of all who come to our aid as we try to re­spond as best we can to the needs that He has pointed out to us. It is only with the aid and support of others that we are able to do this work effectively and we thank all who have contributed their time, supplies, transport, storage, diesel, meals, and funds to enable this to happen. May God who sees all that is done in secret reward you.