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Muintir Mhuire Christian Community Experience For Young People



The main emphasis of our community is to provide a place of  "Time out". It has been our experience that a balance between the Spiritual, Mental and Physical sides of life enhances the development of the individual.

It is important to note that during the 16 centuries of Christianity in Ireland before us, people lived a practical and prayerful life. In this contemplative mode Christian communities and settlements became centres for learning, schools of holiness, storehouses for books and knowledge, and excellent producers of craft, music and art. It was from these communities that villages and towns developed giving us the society that we are now emerging from.

Existing Derilict Farmhouse

Today the pace of life has changed. We have become a fast growing economy. We have changed from The Island of Saints and Scholars to the Celtic Tiger. Many have become so caught up in the material side of their existence that they have failed to develop the spiritual side of their lives. They have lost the creative use of their mind and the physical willingness and ability to be productive in the areas of art, craft and basic social and survival skills.  In all our towns and villages and even in rural areas many now live in isolation, whereas in the past everyone knew their neighbours  and had an interest in their well-being. Our homes too have been invaded by all kinds of modern means of communication. This in itself is good but at times when there is not a proper balance, it can result in isolation and loneliness even for people within their own homes.

The Muintir Mhuire Community strives to bring about a more integrated approach to life, where all good and new advances, those in technology and science, in media and communications are fully appreciated and put to good use, while at the same time reviving some of the above mentioned treasures of our ancestors. These treasures revolve around the idea of Muintireas where everyone cares and together Pray, Study and Work for the good of each other.

What We Do