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Muintir Mhuire Teo

Muintir Mhuire Teo
Co. Cork

Tel: 00353 (0) 24 98852


Muintir Mhuire Europa

Muintir Mhuire Europa
Put za Krizevac, PO Box 49
88266 Medjugorje,
Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tel: 00353 (0) 24 98852


Enquiries about becoming a member may be made to any of the phone numbers below, or any of our email addresses, you could also write to us. Community Contact Details:

From our experience many of our good supporters have chosen to be instruments of Divine Providence. Some who have been able to make financial contributions like to do so with little fuss. All they require of us is the account details and contact phone number. The following could be of help.

Contact details:

Keith 086 8247300,

Account :
Muintir Mhuire ac. 04703482
sort code 93 41 27 AIB Midleton Co.Cork.

Muintir Mhuire is a limited company with charitable status and Tax exemption.
Limited company named “Muintir Mhuire Teoranta” company number no. 371478.

      Registered Charity with Tax exemption,
      Charitable Status no. CHY 15432.
Christian Community Experience for Young People
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