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Christian Community Experience For Young People

Introduction to St. Luke's Project

When asked to explain why we as a community are involved in a humanitarian project it is necessary to go back to the roots of our com­munity. Our community grew out of the prayer and experience of its founder. The St. Luke’s Medical Project has the same foundation. In the early years of his priestly ministry Fr. Donal worked as a Hospital Chaplain. At that time also he was very involved in the Pro-life move­ment and acted as a constituency chairman for the successful pro-life referendum that added the pro-life amendment to the Irish Constitu­tion. Over the years contacts were made and friendships were formed all of these played their part in the formation, growth and develop­ment of our community. Fr. Donal visited Medjugorje in 1984 and has always followed with great interest the events taking place there. For many years he had visited there with pilgrims and during and after the war had helped get humanitarian aid to that region.

Once the Community had bought the house in Medjugorje andthe community was in residence there it was only a matter of time be­fore our prayer led us to respond to more of the local needs. Among thevolunteers who helped at the house was Fr. Donal’s sister Breda Pren­dergast a retired nurse. In response to requests for special medicationfor families with epileptic children, Breda was able to source the medi­cation from the manufacturers in Ireland and through various fund-raising events make it available free to poor families that could not afford medication. Some of these children when without medication would have many fits every day. Before long a considerable amount ofmedication was being provided.

People have to have hope and sometimes we as a communitycan be in a position to offer hope, encouragement, support, and assist­ance. We are people of prayer, and prayer always leads to good works.We have met amazing people, selfless, committed, relentless, most ofwhom had a little flame burning within them, sometimes only a littlespark, but with faith, prayer and action all working together they havegreatly relieved the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Although wedid not begin with a medical project St. Luke’s Medical Project has or­ganically developed as a means to assist those who need it most.

Introduction to St. Luke’s Project

One Night in Hospital

Continued Hospital and Clinic Support