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2014. Support to Mostar's Psychiatric Hospital

February Container of Aid delivered to Psychiatric Hospital Bosnia.

Members of the community,  Frank Terry and Sister Theresa Breen, visited a psychiatric hospital in  the nearby city of Mostar in October 2011. What they saw both shocked  and moved them: bullet holes pock marked the outside walls, windows were  broken, basic furnishings were almost non-existent and the hospital  beds had been in place since before the second World War. Despite that,  the staff showed a heroic dedication to providing the best possible care  with their meagre resources. Seeing the need, and being convinced that  any aid would be put to immediate good use, the two visitors resolved  that the community should help in any way they could.
A list of needed items was  drawn up and the community set to work on sourcing everything through  donations. Frank Terry and John O’Leary scoured the country looking for  hospital beds and slowly began to gather donated beds at a warehouse in  Youghal. Walkers, crutches, lockers, bed-trays, wheelchairs, lifts and  other items began to pour in, as well as some non-essentials such as  maintenance tools, paint, gym equipment and even some toys. In the  meantime, the friends of Muintir Mhuire hosted a barbeque at their house  in Ballybutler in order to raise funds for the transportation costs of  sending the aid to Bosnia. As donations mounted up, but before the  shipment was ready, sadly, Sr Theresa passed away, but on her deathbed  in the hospital, she told Fr O’Callaghan, “Make sure they get this bed”.
By October 2013, enough had  been collected to fill a 40 foot container and so, then, the laborious  task of preparing the necessary paperwork had to be done. By the  beginning of February, they got the go-ahead from EU and Bosnian  officials and a European-wide transportation company gave a date for  when they would arrive at Youghal to pick up the shipment. One final  call out for volunteers was made  for people to gather at the warehouse  on Tuesday February 17th, to slowly load up the truck by hand and then send it on its way.

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