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2012. Container of Aid sent to Belarus

Our humanitarian work is often done  quietly out of sight as it should be. We are often only giving a little  in support of a much greater effort being done by the organisations we  support. We have been very impressed with some of the outstanding  charitable groups working in Medjugorje and throughout Bosnia and are  very happy to support them. Also early in 2012 we were able to give a  full 40ft container of special needs equipment and hospital supplies to  the Chernobyl Chil­dren’s charity for much needed project in Belaruis.
From Cork to Donegal, Kerry  to Dublin, Limerick, Louth, Wa­terford, Sligo, Meath, Galway, Kildare,  is the range our Volunteers travel sometimes on a 600 km round journey  gathering and collect­ing hospital equipment and medical supplies of all  kinds. Frank and Godfrey have been instrumental in assessing needs and  organising the logistics of transportation and exportation of these much  needed medical supplies.
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