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2011 " Double articulated lorry of medical equipment sent to Sarajevo"

On a follow-up visit to the Hospital  it was clear that all the equipment sent to the hospital was in good  use. We were surprised to find that all the incubators and infant  warming systems had babies in them. There were twins in one of the  incubators and we were touched to see that they had been given a better  chance of survival.

On this Visit we were given  an opportunity to assess the needs of the Neonatal Unit of Mostar  Hospital. There were about 1400 babies born every year at the hospital  and another 900 in the local catchment area. The mortality rate had been  quite high, 3 to 5 % of babies had difficult births and approximately 5  babies were transferred to the Neonatal Unit weekly. In discussion it  became clear that the hospital had very little resources in comparison  to our resources back home.

The leading doctors said they  greatly appreciated the donation from the Irish people and we asked if  there was anything else we could do for them. They said they urgently  needed a transport incubator, more delivery beds, Obstetric or  Gynaecology instruments, baby clothes and blankets. They also needed  slippers and nightwear for the mothers in the Maternity unit. With our  assistance some of these items were gathered in Cork, Limerick and other  parts of the country and sent to Mostar on our second truck load. This  truck was paid for by Almas.
We ourselves also appreciate  the work of Almas and the great generosity of all those who gave funds,  clothes and slippers, and also the members of the Riverstown and  Blackpool knitting circles and the many individuals who knitted jackets,  blankets and caps for the ba­bies in either the hospital or neonatal  unit.
On the 2/09/08 two of the  doctors visited us at Europa to discuss the list of items supplied. We  were anxious to hear their reaction to what had been donated and to know  if there was other equipment that was needed that we might be able to  source for them. The meeting was very productive and beneficial.

The Doctors thanked all  involved in the sending out of the equipment and said that it was the  best ever donation to the hospi­tal. They again mentioned the great need  they had for a mobile incubator.
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