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Christian Community Experience For Young People

2009. President of Susret

Jasminka president of Susret

On receipt of the wheelchair-bus Jasminka said:

“Thanks for the gift of the Irish vehicle. It means a lot especially for parents and their children. For almost ten years we ourselves had to drive our children to Mostar School lifting them in and out of our cars. We can now do this in a safe and satisfactory manner. We do not have to carry them as they can now go in a wheelchair in the bus you have provided for us. Parents who could not bring their kids to school because of financial or time issues can now send their children to school. Irish people are really very generous people.

This is a very well preserved mini-bus and is in very good condition with a dozen Mercedes seats, and is equipped with a special automated platform and other equipment adapted for transporting children with special needs. Thank you to the Irish humanitarian organization Muintir Mhuire".

When Seamus was asked about the journey he said:

" It was all worth it to arrive in Bosnia and see the happy faces of the parents who received the bus, the fact that the children could now go to school and also people received wheelchairs that they needed ...

I would do it all again".