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Christian Community Experience For Young People

2009. Wheelchair Bus and Contents Donated to the Friends of the Disabled in Bosnia

Finally a Transport Incubator to Mostar hospital.  

Late the following year we got a call from Godfrey Carpenter saying he had located a Transport Incubator and its owners were will­ing to donate it. Frank collected it and it was at our house in Midleton while we tried to find a way of sending it to Mostar.

Shortly before Christmas we got a call to ask if there was any­thing we needed to get to Medjugorje. We regularly supplement from our stores container or truck loads of aid going to Medjugorje or other areas of need.

We hesitated because we knew how hard it is to get medical equipment through customs. We built a plywood crate and put the incubator inside, labelled it as “Baby­ carrier” and addressed it to the Kay Centre at the Moth­er’s Village. When it arrived they donated it to the Hos­pital in Mostar.