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2007. A Practical Way of Being Pro-Life

The  late Breda Prendergast, who worked for years as a nurseand midwife,  when she retired gave us great support. She worked asa volunteer helping  to run our house in Medjugorje.
Over the years she has  helped to source and supply medical aidto the Medjugorje area. Near the  end of the season in 2007 she visitedthe neonatal unit at Mostar’s new  hospital. The doctor in charge ofthe unit was treating twins, a boy and a  girl, whose birth weight was700 - 800 grams. The tubing in the  incubator was inadequate being too big for these small babies, and the  other incubators being usedon the unit were generally in poor repair.  The Doctor felt that with proper equipment she had a good chance of  saving the lives of thesevery small premature babies as she had the  knowledge and know
-how to save them but she  just didn’t have the equipment. She alsosaid that some people came and  visited the hospital and promised to help them get the correct equipment  but they never came back. Breda was greatly saddened by this.

When Breda related this to  us we immediately began to pray for an improvement in this situation. A  few weeks later back in Cork we heard that the Bon Secure Maternity  Hospital had closed earlier in the year when the new Maternity unit was  opened in CUH. We con­tacted the sisters and they offered to donate a  considerable amount of their equipment. As always I was wondering if we  were trying to do too much and if we were out of our depth. I wondered  about the cost. However, early in the New Year I contacted Des Kelly who  regularlyt ransports aid to Medjugorje. I asked his advice on the best  way to get our medical supplies to Mostar and an estimate of the likely  cost.
By now, as a result of  another request for beds for the hospital in Mostar, we had been in  contact with the Good Shepherd Sisters at Clifton Nursing Home in Cork  and they were willing to donate 40 hospital beds and various hospital  supplies. Immediately Des said hewould supply and pay for the truck and  that he would order the truck as soon as we were ready for it..
When the truck did arrive  about a week later, the road in front of the hospital in Cork was under  repair and the truck was too big to get near the hospital. I phoned John  Dwyer of Dwyer’s Electrical who offered to let us load it at his yard  at Forge Hill and to send one of his smaller trucks which was fitted  with a lift to both locations and to bring all the equipment to the yard  and help load it. Because of this and with the help of the community  members and our supporters re­sulted in the truck being loaded and on  its way in twenty-four hours.
Four days later the “best  ever donation” (their words) arrived at Mostar’s New Hospital and the  five incubators from the Bon Secure Hospital have rarely been without  occupants since. All the other equip­ment is being made good use of  also. We found that the hospital sup­plies exceeded what we could get on  one truck and a few months latera second forty-foot fully loaded truck  left Cork for Mostar Hospital.The cost of this truck was sponsored by  another New Charity called Almas founded by Fr. Brian Kavanagh from  Kildare and Laughlin Diocese. Praise God and His Blessed Mother.
The Good Lord makes  amazing things possible when we open our hearts to the prompting of the  Holy Spirit and co-operate witheach other in good works.
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